About Us

Cottage Radio is a music program featuring songs that span the last six decades. Cottage Radio offers an eclectic mix of music and entertainment, including shows dedicated to the 60’s graffiti oldies, 70’s classic rock anthems, 80’s icon soundtracks of John Hughes, 90’s alternative grunge and today’s new music. Cottage Radio is a creative blend of your all-time favourite music hits mixed with the tranquil and relaxing sounds of nature and summertime. From the docks of the northern Muskoka lakes to the southern shores of the great lakes, Cottage Radio is an innovative and refreshing alternative to traditional radio. We hope you enjoy!

Legal Stuff

Cottage Radio is 100% Canadian and part of the SoniXCast Broadcast Network streaming from Montreal, Quebec, Canada – call sign: CSNX-8076.

We broadcast via the internet.  The licensed stream for Cottage Radio can be found at: https://relay.sonixcast.com/CSNX-8076

Sonixcast, and the programs it hosts, are fully licensed by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, known simply as SOCAN. Sonixcast is responsible for all legal, financial and technical aspects of its broadcast services under its agreements with SOCAN.

Cottage Radio is a non-profit program. You will not hear ads on this station for which any compensation was given.  We pay a monthly fee to Sonixcast to help cover licensing and royalty payments to SOCAN.

SOCAN has deals with all the major rights organizations in the world, so our stream is legal and artists and composers are compensated, even if the artists aren’t Canadian.

From the SOCAN website:
A SOCAN licence gives you permission to use copyright-protected musical works from anywhere around the world. Through agreements with international performing rights organizations, SOCAN issues licences for all music used in public by businesses in Canada, no matter to which society the creators belong. SOCAN then transfers the corresponding monies to the appropriate society, and vice versa.

More information about licensing can be found at Sonixcast and SOCAN.

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